“No instant has never been immortal.



Déjà vu

I’ve known you for a long time., we’ve never been apart, we’ve never talked though.  Not a day, not a minute has passed without your touch, without your macabre presence over my shoulder…

I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life…

I met you in a crowded room, full of people I didn’t know, I don’t know, and I won’t know. You were there when I breathed, I got lost, I cried, I sadly smiled, I…

Now that you’re stronger than ever…

You also were there when I rang the bell, I saw the piano, I jumped, I really smiled, I…

Stop hiding, let’s get this done.

“You got everything done to get my life disarmed, but you can’t know, you can’t understand, now you have no way out.
I understood everything one sunny day, one of those make you want to live, one of those start in the worst way.

We can’t get apart, you are part of me, the best and the worst but you won’t scare me anymore,
you won’t take me in the corner again, beaten, mortified, hopeless; I realized:

I’m a man, dear pain, and you have nothing but me.”